Each of us has received something to share with others to help them fit into God's Kingdom picture.

All of us suffer from a terrible sickness in our churches. It is called Spectatoritis. . . . The secret is participation, participation, participation.
— Elton Trueblood
The scriptural concept that every believer is a priest before God was gradually lost and a special body of super-Christians emerged who were looked to for practically everything and so came to be termed, ‘the ministry.’ . . . When the ministry was thus left to the professionals there was nothing left for the people to do other than come to church and listen. . . . Soon Christianity became nothing but a spectator sport . . . .
— Ray Stedman, BODY LIFE
There are many people who have caught the contagious disease of “spectatoritis.” Such persons are only spectators or onlookers but not participants.
— Martin Luther King, Jr., SERMON NOTE

Church is Body and Family, Not Audience

Spectators in an audience do not share in the significant action. That helps explain why New Testament writers never refer to the Church as an audience passively watching others do the work. Instead, the Bible pictures a body and family with actively engaged and interacting members--Shared Church.

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